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Anonymous: No new pics in a while. :'(

I know love. I’ve been kinda busy.

Anonymous: first of all; sexy ass site.... Are u or nikki on twitter?

I do but I’m not giving it out!! :P

Anonymous: I'm too lazy to make a profile but I've got tributes for you beautiful ladies. Email I can send them to?

Anonymous: You have beautiful breasts with perfect nipples!

Thank you :P

jmznyc: Your blog is amazing and you're ridiculously sexy.

Thank you :))

tehultraomegan00b-deactivated20: what day were you born on novemeber!? I was born on the 14th

I was born on November 21st

oreocookiemonsta: Did jenn delete her blog or just rename it?

She deleted her blog. :/

everydaytuesday-deactivated2012: You made my night with Nikki's post. Tell her I said hello..I will reblog that pic...Special love to you! :)

Thank you :) And yeah she said “Hell with it, just post it” So I did :P